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Brand Messaging is the art of taking every aspect of your brand’s identity: logo, color, type/fonts, images, story and voice… and crafting a single, cohesive message that is part of everything you say and do. It’s true that everything communicates, so you want to be sure every part of your business and organization is saying the same thing.

What Makes Up Your Brand Message?


What does it sound like when people read what you write? Are you casual or formal? Do you come across as warm and inviting, or cold and robotic?


Pictures and video do more than make your website and social media accounts look great. Good imagery is measured far beyond technical merits. Good imagery tells your story, using your voice.


Your Brand Story is constantly being told, whether you realize it or not. Are you an organization or business that helps people solve their problems and meets their needs, or are you simply a place that sells a product or service?

Brand Message


Consistent font usage reinforces who you are, your voice, and your style of communication. Fonts can present your brand as formal & sophisticated, casual & playful, modern & sleek, classic & reliable, or even a mix of these.


Your logo serves as identifier for your brand. It's the mark that represents your business and organization. It can be simple or complex, but it should be easily recognizable, and make sense for who you are.


Color choice can reflect different emotions from calm & peaceful, friendly & trustworthy, to exciting & adventurous, and many more. Your color choice should be more than just what you think looks good. It needs to match your voice, story and overall brand promise.

What Messages Are You Sending?

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